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Medmar is a Natural Stone manufacturing company, providing professional services with its professional team.
Our company is dedicated to serving architects, designers and landscapers with its highest quality granite and stone product. 

Medmar is also supplier of everything from granite curbing for landscapers, designers and municipalities to granite slabs for fabricators and installers along with raw granite blocks to manufacturers.

Whether you are constructing new, renovating an existing structure or still in the design phase we can assist. 
From our project management to our in-house drafting department we work with you all along the way.



South Factory

7 Eylul Mah, 5562 sok, no.9,

35860 Torbalı, Izmir, TR

North Factory

Bergama Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 11. cad, no.102

35700 Bergama, Izmir, TR

+90 232 853 1577

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